Welcome to Hansa Hotel!

At the end of the 13th century Tartu, having signed the Hansa Treaty with Lübeck and Wisby, quickly gained an influential position in the Hanseativ League. Being the central transit town of Livonia, Tartu controlled the Pskov-Novgorod trade route and together with Tallinn and Riga gave instructions to organise Livonia cities assaemblies.

At present, aur Hansa Hotel offers you a stay with the hints from the past in the suites named after Hansa towns. If you visit us in June, you could participate in Hansetage held in the town. While sitting in our Hansahof and grilling meat, you could sense the river Emajõgi flowing just a stone`s throw from out hotel and imagine how the ships, called Hansecoggen, heavily loaded wih furs, wax and honey, pass you by.

When the sun starts settin and the cargo ships land, samples of the goods are taken to be convinced yet again that Hansa merchants are honest and keep their word – they won`t trade in low quality merchandise. A dignified oldermann might join our company and, afer a delicious meal and a mug of fizzy beer, tell you about the Hansa town govering and its court practice.

Here you will realize how profitable it was for a town to be a member of the Hanseatic League. It brought money and freedom to travel and trade on other Hansa towns. A Hanseatic town was exemped from taxes, got custom discounts and was saved from violence that accompained the right of salvage.

Once this excisting past starts wearing you out, you can have a stimulative bath in our sauna, built from smoke-impregnated logs, taste Estonian cuisine in Hansa Tall and then go discover the Hansa town at night. Just as it was profitable for a town to be a member of the Hanseatic League, you will profit from the stay in our hotel. It saves you money and gives you freedom to travel both in the old Hansa town Tartu as well as in South-Estonia with our assistance. You will have an exciting, but safe stay here.

You are welcome!